Return Policy

Product sold by Smart Voice Network may be sold with or without warranties. All warranty material must be read carefully, as the warranty period, service and transferability varies by Vendor and Product.

All returns require a Return Goods Authorization signed by an authorized Smart Voice Network representative. To request an RMA please call a Smart Voice Network customer service representative at (760) 571-9201 for an RA number. Returns without this authorization will not be accepted. RMAs are effective for 60 days only.


The RMA number must be printed clearly on outside of the carton, and all products must be securely protected in double packaging.

1. If the RMA number is not visible, the shipment may be refused.

2. If shipping labels are placed on the package, and/or RA numbers written on the Vendor’s boxes, the product will not be eligible for return.

3. All original packaging and materials, including all parts, accessories and instruction manuals from the Vendor must be returned with the product.

4. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in chargebacks, penalties, and/or other fees to Customer, up to and including denial of RA credit.

All Returns must be returned to Smart Voice with freight PREPAID, FOB Destination.